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When it comes to reducing your household energy bill, don’t underestimate the benefits of shutters.

Most people don’t realize that shutters represent a very effective means of home insulation—when professionally installed, they can lower energy bills by up to 30 percent. “Shutters are similar to solar panels in terms of the return on investment they provide,” says Rommel Zeledon, owner of JMK Shutters. “They’re definitely the most effective type of window covering, so you should consider installing them if reducing your energy bill is important to you.”

Please make sure to schedule the estimate with all household decision-makers present. We offer a BUY NOW pricing discount; for your benefit.

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  • JMK Shutters does not discuss pricing over the phone or email, considering that we need to review every aspect of the installation. This allows for us to give you an accurate cost and time-frame when discussing your custom window needs.

    Due to its durability and warranty, people with pets or children might want to consider a Synthetic Shutter over a 100% Wood Shutter.

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The Bay Area's Choice for Custom Window Coverings

JMK Shutters is a Better Business Bureau accredited company that offers custom window coverings throughout the entire Bay Area. The company is known for its knowledge and expertise in highly difficult installation applications. It utilizes its extensive skill set to provide solutions for every window opening, from cranks that might be in the way to custom cut outs and special builds for shallow depth windows.

JMK Shutters carries a wide selection of materials (wood, poly, composite, vinyl) and many styles to fit any budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full-line shutter provider, which means we carry all different material grades, from vinyl to wood and everything in between.

It depends on the materials you want and how long it takes us to get them, as well as our current scheduling availability. Sometimes we are able to prioritize a job, but there is a surcharge for that kind of rush.

Yes, we can work whenever it is most convenient for our clients, including evenings and weekends. We have even stayed on jobs until 2am for clients who were in a pinch.

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